Sydney Wind Symphony comes for a visit

CCB Inc are excited to be hosting the Sydney Wind Symphony in Canberra.  A combined concert will be happening at the CCB Bandroom in Watson on the 12th August at 5:30pm.  Feel free to join us to hear the musical delight that will be the SWS and the CCB Inc ensembles as well as a work by the combined band.  Sydney Wind Symphony (SWS) has a long and established history. Being an A Grade concert band, SWS plays a broad and challenging repertoire and has busy schedules performing at community and civic events, delivering an annual concert programme and participating in competitions and tours.

CCB is one of Australia's oldest and most highly decorated concert bands. Canberra City Band was established in 1925 and has a long standing history as the band of Canberra. Regardless of your level, we want to hear from you! We play for a variety of community events throughout the year and if you don't want to play, feel free to come have a listen.

49 Phillip Avenue, Watson, ACT, 2604

+61 4 51070990