Administrative Structure

CCB is an incorporated, not-for-profit cooperative membership organisation, staffed by volunteers. Our artistic staff receive honoraria commensurate with the scope of the ensemble they lead. The Band is led by its President and Artistic Director. At present the Artistic Director position is unfilled, and a recruitment process is being undertaken.

Organisational Structure


Canberra City Band has recently completed a major constitutional reform whereby the Band is now ultimately governed by a semi-independent board, comprised of four independent members and three members of the governing committee. The committee retains its day to day governance role, with the Board charged with providing advice and oversight.


The Band is run by volunteer committee members and governors, and artistic staff who receive honoraria. We have nine committee members, four executive and five general. Each committee member has responsibility for a business silo: leadership, finance, facilities, corporate administration, communications, media relations, logistics, legal affairs, and strategy. We also have seven governors, three of whom are members of the committee executive. The remainder are outstanding members of the community who provide advice and oversight of the organisation’s strategic direction.


The Consititution defines the principles upon which Canberra City Band is based, the procedure in which laws are made and by whom. Please read for more information.

CCB is one of Australia's oldest and most highly decorated concert bands. Canberra City Band was established in 1925 and has a long standing history as the band of Canberra. Regardless of your level, we want to hear from you! We play for a variety of community events throughout the year and if you don't want to play, feel free to come have a listen.

49 Phillip Avenue, Watson, ACT, 2604

+61 4 51070990