The Band

Canberra City Band was established in 1925 and has a long standing history as the band of Canberra. We are the official band of the Territory and are Australia's longest continuous concert banding organisation. Currently we offer eight standing ensembles and any number of small groups brought together for ocassions. Our ensembles boast a sparkling reputation for quality and community, and have an outstanding history in competition and performance.

Regardless of your level, we want to hear from you. We are always keen to take on new players, and make every effort to provide a friendly atmosphere. We play for a variety of community events throughout the year: if you can't come and play, have a listen!

The Vision

Canberra City Band Inc. aims to provide pathways through music to everyone, regardless of age, capability, or musical preference. We offer a range of ensembles catering to people from eight to eighty; providing musical development, community, and performance opportunities to the freshest beginner and the seasoned professional alike. We are also committed to developing the musical landscape in the ACT. As a result we are at the forefront of new musical initiatives, and regularly lead and contribute to discussions on arts and education policy.

We are committed to pursuing the highest standards of performance in everything we do, while never sacrificing the joy that comes from friends playing together.

The People

CCB is an inclusive organisation. We embrace people of all ages, outlooks, and from all walks of life. Our membership is diverse, representing the best the ACT has to offer, united by the desire to make music. If you have an interest in making music in a supportive, community setting be sure to drop us a line!

The Band is staffed entirely by volunteers. We are governed by a Board of Governors - prominent members of the community who provide strategic direction and oversight - and by a management committee, which undertakes day to day operations. Our artistic staff are entirely professional musicians and music educators, committed to giving back to the community.

The Organisation


CCB is committed to developing the Australian artistic landscape, and offering pathways for artistic development to all citizens of the Territory. We offer a diverse range of programmes to supplement our core performance activities.


The Band has been operating since 1925, and has racked up a few memories in that time. We've published a book of our history and offer a selection of highlights here online. We also maintain an archive at our premises.


CCB is dedicated to our community. We give back at every opportunity - performing regularly for charity and community events and offering free public concerts. We also invest in the development of the arts landscape.

Artistic Staff

Wyana O'Keeffe

Wyana is a professional percussionist and music educator. She assumed the Directorship of the band in mid-2015 and has led the band to unparalleled success in her short tenure. She is strongly invested in developing a cohesive organisation, with a consistent organisational and artistic direction.

Wyana O'Keeffe

Artistic Director

Adam Matthews

Adam is one of Australia's finest saxophone players, and has been with the Australian Army Band Corps for many years. He has served as music director on two occasions and has dramatically improved the band's offering and quality each time.

Adam Matthews

Spectrum Director

Sarah Nielsen

Sarah is a professional flautist and music educator. She assumed the directorship of JAB in 2013 and has driven a substantial increase in membership and improvement in quality through her tenure.

Sarah Nielsen

John Agnew Band Director

Carly Brown

Carly is the inaugural Director of Canberra City Youth Band. She is a professional horn player and music educator. She has performed with a number of professional orchestras and most recently performed in Free Rain's production of Wicked.

Carly Brown

Youth Band Director



Consisting of four highly respected members of the community and three members of the Band Executive, the Board of Governors establishes and oversees the strategic direction of the organisation.


Consisting of seven elected members of the organisation, the Committee is reponsible for the day to day operations of the Band


CCB's Patrons act as ambassadors and advocates for the band in the community. The current Patron is Ms Margaret Reid.

CCB is one of Australia's oldest and most highly decorated concert bands. Canberra City Band was established in 1925 and has a long standing history as the band of Canberra. Regardless of your level, we want to hear from you! We play for a variety of community events throughout the year and if you don't want to play, feel free to come have a listen.

49 Phillip Avenue, Watson, ACT, 2604

+61 4 51070990